Apoptosis sold out // Adventitious Zine in stock

Wow. Thanks for your support, the last two weeks have been awesome. Apoptosis #1 is already sold out.

I will set up a working shop in the near future, as it is way to complicated at the moment. Nevertheless, it has to go on like this some more weeks.

I swapped Zines with Mariya from the UK and she send me the great Adventitious Zine. I have three copies to sell, write me if you want one, they are at 7€/each (sorry, printing in the UK is way more expensive).


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Release! Release!

And finally, it’s done. You can order it by just sending me a mail on we-are-alone[ätt]gmx.de.

I think we are alone now #2
18×15 cm
64 colored pages
4 great artists
2 interviews

Apoptosis #1
20 colored pages

I’m up for trades!


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I think we are alone now #2 // Apoptosis #1

#I think we are alone now #2′ and my second zine ‘Apoptosis #1′ both went to press!

‘I think we are alone now #2′ will be released in a print run of 175 pieces. With 64 pages there is enough space to feature four great artists, two of them also interviewed. The interviews are in german, but I will print some english inlays.

‘Apoptosis’, with a print run of 40 pieces, is my second zine, containing only own works. It sounds more spectacular than it is, as it only reflects my crappy darkroom work this winter, lith-printing dozen of naked trees on old ORWO-paper.

Printing is freaking expensive, I just advanced my monthly students income for this. If you want to support this project (eventually, it would be great to have enough ressources to finance the next issues printing without having to sell the whole print run #2), feel free to contact me (we-are-alone[ätt]gmx.de). You also can order in advance.

The zines will cost 3-4€ (I think we are alone now) and 1,50-2€ (Apoptosis). I highly appreciate every kind of support.

If you want to visit the release ‘party’, come to Erlangen on 23/6/13 (I switch to German from here on, haha).
Um 19 Uhr gebe ich einen Reise- und Bildervortrag (Nordargentinien/-chile, Bolivien, Ostperu) und anschließend feiern wir das Release von ‘In think we are alone now #2′.


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Any News?

Es gibt in der Tat Neuigkeiten, leider nur insofern, als dass ich versuche, im April noch den Probedruck loszuschicken und im Mai Ende Mai dann das Zine in den Händen halten zu können. Die nächste Auflage wird doppelt so umfangreich, kommt in einer Auflage von 150 Stück und wird vermutlich 3 – 4 Euro kosten. Immerhin kann ich jetzt endgültig die Erscheinungsfrequenz auf maximal 2/Jahr kürzen, denn mehr Zeit werde ich leider nicht finden.

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I think we are alone now #1


Limited to 70 pieces. First issue comes for 2€ + donation… for 4€ you’ll get a darkroom print and for 10€ you’ll get a print and one of my handmade bags (double layered with zipper). Go for it! Just write a message at we-are-alone[ätt]gmx.de and tell me your adress.




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Willkommen – Welcome

Willkommen bei I think we are alone now. Alles wichtige könnt ihr über die oben angegebenen Seiten erfahren.

Das Zine ist im Testdruck, ich zieh die kommenden Tage die Schwarz-Weiß-Prints in der Dunkelkammer ab und wenn alles klappt, dann bekomme ich in einem Monat ein großes Paket…


Welcome to I think we are alone now. You can read everything important at the pages that are linked above. There is also plenty of opportunity to get some laughers due to my poor english, haha.

The zine is going through the test pressure, the next days I’m spending a lot of time in the dark room to get my black&white-prints and if everything works, I’ll get a huge package next month…

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